Plant Stress - Real Time Leaf Temperature

Published: 2021-10-22

We measure leaf temperature and leaf VPD in several grapevines while also collecting atmospheric data within the canopy to determine plant water stress. CVC’s patent pending technology is like having pressure chamber or porometer reading 24 hours a day every 20 minutes. Know how much water stress your vineyard is under and how long each day your vineyard is under water stress. Know how many days or hours irrigations last before the water stress returns without using evapotranspiration data (ET).

CVC’s real time canopy temperature and VPD data is more accurate than Surface Renewal or Sap Flow technology for measuring plant stress. You know exactly where the data is collected, no guessing or estimating depending upon prevailing winds. We measure only the vineyard not the trees, cover crop and weeds in or around the vineyard like Surface Renewal. We don’t measure only 1 or 2 grapevines like Sap Flow. CVC’s Leaf VPD system is not a model or calculation that relies on other equations, ratios or estimates to approximate plant stress.

Real time plant water stress and canopy temperature data collected directly from the grapevines in a known soil type is a powerful tool to manage your wine quality.