New App and Spore Trap Network

Published: 2021-10-25

New for 2022, we are proud to announce the CVC Ag app. CVC Ag is a data presentation platform for agriculture. The first release of CVC AgTM brings the CVC Spore Trap NetworkTM data and maps to your mobile devices. The app allows members to view DAILY updates of powdery mildew detections in their area. Users also can view the data from each of their spore traps, see trap locations and data graphs in the app. Utilizing CVC AgTM also provides users the ability to view regional Powdery Mildew spore populations throughout their County or region.

CVC's Spore Trap Network is a revolutionary advance in Grape Powdery Mildew detection. CVC AG bolsters your spore trap data with other growers' data in your area. We have over a decade of experience successfully deploying traps, collecting samples and interpreting spore trap data. We are Certified Professional Agronomists as well as grape growers ourselves so we can tell you what the data means and how to use it. The qPCR lab analysis is done by PhD plant pathologists. CVC uses the best, field proven spore trap technology that is being used by researchers accross the country. CVC can collect samples once a week, twice a week or even daily depending upon our clients needs.

The CVC Ag app is available now for download (CVCAg) for Android and Apple mobile devices.